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Cooking Classes + Workshops

For many years I dreamt of creating a space where I could share my passion and knowledge for food and cooking with others in a beautiful, fun, and easy-going environment.  When taking a class at the Barn, I will be here to guide and inspire you, but hope to always be learning and growing together.  Cooking classes and creative workshops are always small and hands-on.  I will help expand your knowledge of food and cooking techniques, during cookery-focused classes, but ultimately the goal is to expand your own natural instincts and confidence in the kitchen!  They will always focus on what’s in season, and will culminate with a festive, shared meal we've prepared together.

Workshops will always be festive and expand your knowledge in the arts, wine, health + wellness, nature, and other fascinating topics.  

Cooking and learning should be a joyful, freeing experience that not only connects us to our environment and the seasons, but more deeply to each other!  Please join me!

+ Please inquire regarding booking a private class for yourself or your small group.


That is what food is about to me: a way to express love, to soothe, to celebrate, to nourish.