the Barn
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hi, I'm Kristin


and I am obsessed...

Food.  It has always been about more than sustenance for me.  The procuring and thoughtful preparation of beautiful, hand-crafted or lovingly grown ingredients.  The joy that goes into making a meal meant to share.  A table surrounded by friends, laughter, and conviviality.  

That is what food is about to me: a way to express love, to soothe, to celebrate, to nourish.  

My life has been a food-filled journey that began in the south and sent me running around the country searching for something to fill my belly and my heart, but inevitably found me right back here at the Barn, previously my family’s summer place.  Right here, it simply always tasted and felt like home. 

The Barn, it is a magical, seasonally-rooted place.  It is where my most cherished childhood memories were created: blackberry stained fingers, marshmallows roasting over the glowing coals of a dwindling bonfire, and laying in the grass long into a warm summer night watching fireflies.  The Barn is tucked away in what feels like another world, but is merely 15 minutes from both Cashiers + Highlands.  You'll meander down an old, winding Appalachian road that will transport you not only to a different place, but almost a different time completely...a time when the pace was slow as molasses, cows were your nearest neighbors, and fancy meant putting on your nicest overalls.   

I will forever be in love with this land and the rustic old barn my grandparents painstakingly restored.  I finally found what I spent a lifetime searching for that has been right here the whole time:  a place where I can share my passion for the South, for yummy things, local ingredients, cooking together, learning, and sharing meals and memories around that long table.